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Want to speed up the lead follow-up? 

Our Real Estate CRM ensures that you never blink an opportunity for potential customers. Manage your entire Real Estate sales cycle, Maximize productivity on-the-go.

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TreeOne Real Estate CRM / Channel Partner CRM

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    Auto Lead Capture system

    Grab All your property inquiry from marketing campaign such as real estate marketing places (magic bricks, 99acres & other property portals), Google and Facebook ads, websites, landing pages, chat & from real estate agents. Analyse the maximum ROI campaign and invest in that.

    Assign leads within 3 Seconds

    Automatically distribute all your property inquiries to sales team within 3 seconds. This auto lead distribution helps to response your lead rapidly. Lead management system allows distributing leads based on customized criteria like location based, language based and staff availability based.  Additionally, if the lead has not handled for long time, that will be escalated to the hierarchy of sales team.

    Lead Follow-up

    Every lead has a challenge in terms of conversion. So the process needs some automation to follow-up effectively. Our Lead management system helps to keep engage with your prospects with SMS & Email integration. Reminders always alarms to do your daily task activity. Track and record each conversation happened with prospects using built in dialer.

    Reports and Analytics

    Analyse and track a complete lead journey ,campaign reports, activities happened between lead and sales team, sales team productivity , call tracking to know the exact lead interest and total 362° Customer View of leads.

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