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Build For Real Estate Developers for Best Lead capture , Tracking activity, Realtors Work Flow , Automation in sales process and deals.


CRM For Real Estate Business

In the real estate business, the salesperson is a soul and the customer data is everything.Whether in the rush of your work, the salesperson were been busy finding buyers for a property, proving the best stage in marketing to the potential sellers, or easy to tracking their large pile of work, the right and robust real estate CRM is one of your most valuable software. With TreeOne Real Estate CRM, you can grab your potential leads, organize  daily tasks, track and achieve your Business goal Effectively. 

Real Estate CRM+ Workflow


TreeOne Real Estate CRM+ to boost Sales


Capture all your Leads at one Place​

Capture Leads from Multiple Real Estate Marketing Platform like Property portal, web-form, Landing page, SMS, Email, Realtor's Leads, Social Media and other third party application with API integration

Treeone Real Estate CRM Software provides a Seperate Dashboard control for Realtors to update leads by Realtors itself and can view the whole customer journey from leads to sales

Realtors Integration

Unique feature in TreeOne Real Estate CRM software helps to pullout leads From Realtors CRM source with Seperate Dashboard control. 
Realtors can add Leads ,view the Opportunity, property details, Booking status.This Real Estate CRM Software automation Process Ends with channel partner commission Payment.
treeone- integration

Lead Assignment within 3 Seconds

Real Estate CRM Software helps to assign leads automatically to the sales person & They will be notified with email & sms.

CRM assigns leads with in 3 seconds based on city, branch and language using round-robin method.

Real Estate CRM tracks the sales team & customer conversation through CTI for better performance.

Prioritize your leads as Hot , Cold and Warm Leads for better probability. Import bulk leads to Real Estate CRM Software.

Sitevisits & Followups

When a Prospects book a site visit, Real Estate CRM Automates the site visit for Cab planning activities.

Without fail, Track your site visit followups using automatic reminders.

Analyse the site visit counts with the relevant sales person activity Report

Real Estate CRM Software Collects Customer Feedback and Ratings about the site visit to improve the site visit process


Track your Sales Team Activities

Real Estate CRM Software allows to Measure your sales person performance

.Track the sales calls and followups.

Real Estate CRM Software helps to Set monthly targets for reps/sales persons.

Tracking Process used to Evaluate targets based on orders or invoices.

Real Estate CRM allows to Find out the Best Performing Employee based on the Target completion activities

Stay Connected with Agent Notification

CRM notifies the sales person through Email & SMS whenever the new lead assigned.

Reminder for Scheduled followups, appointments, Approvals, site visits and other pre-planned activities to make communication better.

So they never miss any followup schedules of prospects


362° View Reports & Analytics​

Analyse your leads, quotes,tasks, Project with Smart Real Estate CRM Software dashboard.Sales Team activity report along with the lead status.

Analyse Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing campaigns which helps to targeting the ideal customers

A complete view of customers by gathering of data through various interactions to the business.

Builders Thought !

" TreeOne CRM is designed in such a way it enables Real Estate Developers to manage and automate various processes related to campaign Leads, Realtors, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents and Staff ".
Real Estate Developers

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard A Powerful dashboard to give you full control

TreeOne Real Estate CRM+

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