Specially Designed CRM Software for Stock Brokers

Why TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM Software?

  • Easy to integrate various lead generation tools into the CRM with inbuilt APIs
  • Automatic lead scores and customer scores to identify the lead quality
  • Multichannel communications integrated CRM for efficient lead nurturing
  • Multiple lead assigning methods to improve the agent performance
  • Hierarchy-wise monitoring to CXOs and Managers over all subordinates
  • Supports lead conversion from anywhere and on the move with a Mobile CRM
  • Builds an agile sales force and increases the conversion rate leaps and bounds

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" Like you our Stock Brokers are Happy with CRM Software "

TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM is specialized in Tracking customer interaction and activities. So we ever miss out a lead from different marketing campaign whether online or offline
Stock Broker

Capture! Track! & Manage Leads With Our TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM

Strategy of TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM Software will help you to identify which campaign generate more leads.

From Lead assignment to the sales quote everything has tracked for analytics. This cloud based CRM Software will provide access data as much easier.

Our brilliant CRM Software helps you transform your sales team and increase sales rate to unprecedented new heights. 

Key Modules of
TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM

TreeOne Stock Brokers Sales CRM Software essentially provides a central place where businesses can store customer and prospect data, 

track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to

 manage relationships with customers, helping the business to grow.

Treeone-stock-broker-crm-Automobile CRM for sales campaign management

Campaign Management

Campaign management delivers the capability to link marketing campaigns directly to CRM Software by automating the marketing efforts

Leads Management

Capturing leads from multiple sources Helps to manage, track & and follow-ups for appointments with Automatic Notifications & Reminder


Opportunity Management

Mapping an opportunity with customers will track & filters potential customers. Tracks the total Opportunity in hand.

Treeone CRM Contact Management

Contact Management

Stock Brokers CRM Software enables users to store & access the customer's information which gives fully access to track all information


Round Robin Method

Stock Brokers CRM Software Helps Each time when a new lead comes, it can be assigned to the particular sales person using Round Robin Lead Assignment Rule.



Track the Status of the KYC & KYC regarding Document status, Upload Activated list from Back office, Segment wise activation list with CRM Software

Treeone CRM Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Track the daily activities done by every employee.Stock Brokers CRM Software also helps to add reminders to the team.also tracks effort spent on every customer.


Mask mobile Number

Connects leads to Lead owners, sales person, without revealing their phone numbers.This CRM Software prevents from misuse of sensitive information


Mask the Email ID

With the Masks the email id feature in Stock Brokers CRM Software ensure the privacy of the customer’s data and keeps the email id hidden.

Turn Around Time

Tracks the time interval between lead to sales. Know the amount of effort , activities,time invested in every customer. Compare your effort vs results 


CTI Integration

Stock brokers CRM Software allows CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), all the data can be stored in a secured, centralized database and accessible at single click


Language based Access

With this feature, Depending upon the language of the sales person, sales leads can be assigned to the particular sales person upon a rule.

SMS & Email Integration

Seamlessly interact with customers by SMS/ E-Mail integration.communication with the customers through status notification & updates


Automatic Reminders

Employee gets daily reminder via Email,helps the team to plan their day effectively. CRM software allows Automatic call that can be Triggered for the Calling Reminders

City Based Access

Especially for the businesses with multiple branch with this city based access lead assignment, specific leads can be assigned to the particular branch upon rule.

362 Degree View

362-degree customer view can get a complete history of customers by aggregating data from the various touch points that a customer from lead to purchase

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