Lead Management

TreeOne TeleCalling CRM+ tracks & manages prospective customers. Leads are distributed automatically to the telecallers as per the logic. With lead distribution, you can reduce the response time and make sure that the lead is followed by the most relevant telecaller. After lead distribution, Telecallers nurture those leads with structured & Scheduled followups like making call, sending emails , sms & can update their current status.

Contact Management

All customer contacts stored in centralized location & can accessible by team. It can be simple to view the unique customer interaction, related sales. This vital data not only helps for sales team but also increases the response time while customer needs support. So you clearly visualize all the deals associated with the customer.Now your Customer support team is all set right to place an outbound call to any customer whose data stored in the CRM.

Telephony Integrations

The Key benefits of TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ software, it allows you to integrate your system with any other available third-party telephony apps through which you likely get your inbound and outbound calls. With the ability of this advanced telephony integrations, your business can increase its efficiency and maximize the outreach and customer support. You can integrate to your favorite Third Party Telephony with our TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ software

Outbound calls

With your preferred telephony provider integrated with TreeOne Telecalling CRM+, you can make outbound calls at seamless ease. By Simply searching with the name of the contact and opens the contact record at a single click on the icon you can able to reach and your support executive in their login can see an option to place a direct call to the customer to support them via TreeOne Telecalling CRM+.If it’s a Web Based Application, All you need is a headset with a mike; Or else your business has been using our Mobile Application then a Smartphone is enough to bridge your business with a seamless customer support.

Dynamic Call routing

Both inbound and outbound calls the scenario is your customer support staff need to make a call to a specific customer, or that customer calls your support staff directly. However, when it’s a call center with number of support staffs.automatically receive or make the call and to route calls to the particular customer support staff. If Your Customer Support Staff are may be on the another call or busy with other administration call, The Customers won’t be waiting calls. Call routing features allows you to configure and have a detailed analytics of incoming support call is handled by a every Staff.

Reports & Analytics

Analyse tha status of leads sales conversion, telecallers activities, call to=imings maximum & minimum calls, average call per hour, week & Monthly basis at single dashboard. This multi dimensional reports allows business leaders to easily view the daily progress & can make the business decisions smarter. Automatic reminders helps to remind all your preplanned activities, appointments and tasks to do without fail. You can specify when to remind your tasks. That will popup on your screen on scheduled timings. This helps your business to avoid downtime & will create a personal attention towards customer.

Benefits of TreeOne Telecalling CRM+

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