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TreeOne Softwares

A collective suite of CRM softwares to run your business comprehensively. We have built independent CRM Software that can handle Marketing & Sales, manages Campaign ROI, Improves your business relationship with customer & channel partners and generate detailed reports and future analytics in a Single Window.


Our Recent Products

Treeone software taskz


Streamline your work, tasks & management process

Treeone software crm


Managing an organisation’s relationships & interactions with customers

Treeone software tikketing


Ticket software essential to keep track of all requests on support

Treeone software kollector


systematic collection system managing payments & Cash flow

Treeone software channel partner

Channel Partner

Manages your relationship with channel partners and maximise gains with automated workflows

Treeone software analytiks


Reporting & analytics tool in your own brand name

Increases Sales Revenue

Improve your sales performance and track with Treeone Dashboards

Access Anywhere at Anytime

Mobile Application to improve the access anywhere at anytime

Customizable Application

Specialize in the development of customizable software applications

Hierarchy based Access

control access to your records by giving read-only or read / write access.


About TreeOne

As a Pioneer in IT Infra in Chennai, TreeOne Software Solutions provides a wide range of Robust software for Your Business.

Application Features

Treeone software optimised solution1

Deep understanding of IT infrastructure for highly optimised solutions


AWS cloud hosting for excellent reliability, performance & scalability


Focus on actionable dashboards, reports & analytics


Customizable software Based on your Industry


With SMS & e-mail automation, keep track on your tasks


Predict your Business growth and make your next move

Our Latest Blogs

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