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Treeone Pharma CRM+

Being a Pioneer in Pharma Industry

Build a strong connection with customer. Generate more Revenue, Get actionable analytical tools for gathering insights into customer behavior and marketing campaigns.

Why CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry?

The Main objective of pharmaceutical industry is to build customer loyalty throughout the life time. They need to keep the entire customer details on single platform and that should be accessible on anytime anywhere. CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry plays a vital role to segregate a sales process on different level. It allows to do structured approach on sales , starting from Lead management till the product despatch sequence. The centralized CRM system maintains the profitable business data base which helps to increase the revenue and relevance of cross sell and up-sell offers .

Manage Campaigns

Capture all pharmaceutical product request from marketing channels, websites, chats, digital ads, social media & email campaigns. Manage Product campaign on single platform and get deeper insights of it.

Lead Assignment

Assign product request to your sales team within 3 sec & reach your customer quickly. Also customize the distribution rule like industry location based, language based, city based lead distribution.

Opportunity Management

Understand the customer need & prioritize based on hot, warm and cold leads. Followup prospects in a effective way with the right set of pharma CRM tools. Track each prospects history & take next step to close deal.

Pharma CRM - Workflow

Sales Process workflow

With sales automation , Pharma CRM has an structured approach for how lead can be converted to customer from lead capture till approval

Exisiting Customer Sales workflow

Manage all Existing customer detailed histories for upcoming product request which starts from enquiry module.

Sample Process workflow

In sample process, the requested sample needs to get approval from commercial and Technical Head. Once they approved, the sample product is ready to despatched to the customer place.

R & D Process workflow

If the customer requested a sample for R & D process, the sample will be despatched to the customer place . Once the sample has been tested and approved in customer end, then it is ready to create Proforma invoice for that product  in pharma CRM

Pharma CRM - Sales Modules

Create Quotation in 30 Sec

Pharma CRM software allows to create a quotation in 30-seconds , reach customer inbox quickly and before, it brings attention to your hierarchy approval

CTI Integration

Allows to call & record the communication happened between user and Customer to improve the Relationship and Retain them with Loyalty

Activity Tracking

Pharma CRM helps to Track all the sales activity like customer interaction, Employee followups and Entire Lead Process for better the communication

SMS & Email Notification

Interact with customers through SMS/ E-Mail integration. By regulating communication with the customers through status notification & updates

Proforma Invoice

Sales proposal & Quotation generation made easy with Pharma CRM+. Professional sales quotations can be generated from any opportunities & export as PDF documents

Order Management

 Allows to Create Sales Order & updates Sales status. Pharma CRM Ensures that all Order related activities are improved more efficiently that impacts the customer Loyalty

Analytics & Reports

Pharma CRM provides analytics and reports to Visualize entire sales cycle updates from day to month wise  to enhance your business & to take smarter decisions.

Mobile App

Access pharma CRM anywhere on the Go. With Mobile App - Get Push Notification, Reminders, Track  Location & Login only from office device 

362° View

A complete view of customers by gathering of data through various interactions to the business. Its extremely powerful in responding to the customer’s eager and trust

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