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Realtor Connect CRM+

Make your Realtor Strategy Strong With Real Estate Business

Why Realtors needs CRM?

In Real estate business, lead inquiries comes from multiple sources. In addition Realtors also helps to find leads for selling the properties and they will get a commission for their every leads. with real estate crm the internal sales team can followup their assigned leads .But for Real estate agents ,they need to track their own leads and also the realtor have to make sure the lead owners. We provide customized CRM for Realtors which you can integrated with Real estate CRM. 

Along with that, Real estate agents have separate portal to manage their leads and can view the available property details updated from real estate crm. We Streamline the process in CRM from, agent registration till commission. Realtors can have their own 362 view dashboard to track their lead status.

Realtor Connect CRM+ helps to…

Realtor Connect CRM+ Work Flow


Features of Realtor Connect CRM+

Lead Validation

Realtor Connect CRM  reduces the conflicts interms of lead identification. Realtors Register themself with Real Estate CRM and can update their own leads.

Activity tracking

Realtors can track the status of leads till the Sales process completion and knows all the activities happened between their leads with sales person.

Ledger Statement
Realtor Connect gives a realtime update of payment status in the web portal and provides automated generation of ledger statements to your Realtors.
Payment Status & Details

Realtors Can view the updated details of Payment status of their Leads an can raise invoice for commission

Updates & Automatic Alerts
Get live updates on Lead Status, Sales Rep Activities and Booking Process through Sms & Email Notification.
Performance and analytics
Detailed Dashboard of Leads status, Activities, quotes,tasks, Project and complete process with single dashboard
362° View
Get 362º detailed view of customers by gathering of data through various interactions to the business. Its extremely powerful in responding to the customer’s eager and trust.
Mobile App
Mobile App and web portal Access Anywhere on the GO. So, Live Updation of Every activities and Process . know your competency & execute your tasks effectively
Lead Integration

Automation in Realtor Connect allows to integrate the leads via SMS, Email and Webportal. So it reduces the manual lead updation 

Builders Thought !

" TreeOne CRM is designed in such a way it enables Real Estate Developers to manage and automate various processes related to Campaign Leads, Realtors, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents and Staff ".
Real Estate Developers


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  • Cloud Storage

  • 362 View Dashboard

  • Unlimited support

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  • Cloud storage

  • 362 view Dashboard

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Dynamic Dashboard A Powerful dashboard to give you full control

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