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Treeone Real Estate CRM

Build More & Sell More !

Build For Real Estate Developers for Best Lead capture , Tracking activity, Channel Partner Work Flow ,

Automation in sales process and deals.

Treeone-Real Estate CRM

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Treeone Real Estate CRM to boost Sales

Marketing Management

Lead Integration from Multiple Marketing Channels such as Channel Partners Campaign, Websites, Landing Pages, EMail, Live Chat and Social Media.

Real Estate CRM enhances the Sales Team’s Performance by automating sales tasks.

Tracks all the activities and Automatic Notification for Followups improves the Lead conversion rate.

Treeone Realestate crm marketing management
Treeone Realestate crm channelpartner integration

Channel Partner Integration

Unique feature in Treeone Real Estate CRM helps to pullout leads From Channel partner source

Seperate Dashboard control for channel partners to view the updates.

Channel partner can add Leads ,view the Opportunity and Booking status.

This Real Estate CRM automation Process Ends with commission Payment.

Sales Management

Identify your  Qualified Leads with Real Estate CRM

Automatic Sales activities  including mails, calls and updates itself.

Treeone Real Estate CRM  software allows Appointment scheduling and Cab planning to pickup customers.

Real Estate CRM handles your legal agreements and Property Details for Documentation

Treeone Real Estate crm

Sales Automation  in Treeone Real Estate CRM

Auto Lead Capture

TreeOne Real Estate CRM Capture Property Inquiries from Online and offline  resources such as Real Estate market places, Website, Landing pages and Social Media using  API Integration

Reminder For Activities

Real Estate CRM comes with automation capabilities that Notifies Reminders for Every Pre-planned activities, Appointments,  site visit, Pickup Schedule and Registration.

CTI Integration

With CTI integration Real Estate CRM allows to call and record the communication happened with your customer to improve the Relationship and Retain them with Loyalty

Target Management

Target Management in Real Estate CRM helps to Set monthly targets for Sales Reps.This Tracking Process used to Evaluate targets based on orders or invoices to identify the Sales Person’s performance

Cab Planning

When a Prospects book a site visit, Real Estate CRM capture the site visit data for  Cab planning activities includes site visit followup , Site visit schedule and cost analytics for every site visit travel.

Customer Feedback

Real Estate CRM Collects Customer Feedback and Ratings about the site visit to improve the site visit process and to know the customer requirements about the project

SMS & Email Integration

Treeone Real Estate CRM with SMS & Email Integration helps to reduce the Sales Person’s works and provides time to put efforts for customer communication better.

Incentive Tracking

Our All in One Real Estate CRM allows to Find out the Best Performing Employee based on the Target completion activities  and then honouring them with rewards.

Report & Analytics

Analyse your leads, quotes,tasks, Project with Smart Real Estate CRM dashboard. Analyse the Lead Quality and Campaign source to identify the which campaign meets ROI.

Dynamic Dashboard

Real Estate Builders Thought !

TreeOne CRM is designed in such a way it enables Real Estate Developers to manage and automate various processes related to campaign Leads, channel partners, Sales, Customer Accounts, Documents and Staff.
Real Estate Developers

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