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TreeOne Taskz

Manage your Team Tasks, Track them they done, Set due dates and priority

Management Process

An efficient way to manage your all task with task management, will managing your entire aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time with Description box to fill out the engaged activities elaborately and hierarchy assigned task, recurrence, dependency with notifications and so on. These can be lumped together broadly into your business process and activities with task management.

Organize & Repeat

Integrating Task management in your place and the entire work of your activity is in one centralized place, By reducing your employee tedious work process and time-consuming activities from updating every sheet of details in Excel. Task Management can vastly enhance the efficiency of doing every update in organized and repeated. The notification factor alerts your team to simplify your task easily.

Access Anywhere

We provide you software which requires simply to have an internet connection so you can log and access into task management software, from anywhere. And you can see your team updates of what they have managed and done up to in quickly and easily access the most up to date information and your employee can update their task from working from home or working on the go as they travel for meetings.


Why you need Taskz?

Now a days, Productivity software is an essential part of every businesses and organizations.
The main reason why we use productivity software is make easier to accomplish the business tasks quickly. it is commonly used to increase business operations and to measure the individual persons productivity. To faster the communication and streamline the work process, productivity apps plays a vital role in the business world. 

Along with the web application most of the tools are available in mobile platform too.choosing the best productivity application is relay on the feature of that tool. 

The most favourable features that the organization looking for to visualize the workflow process,Prioritize the task,quantifying the work and satisfies client needs. Our Treeone provides the suitable software for your organization and helps to achieve your business goals.

Anywhere anytime

Organize assigns & prioritizes your tasks

A Team generally works on tasks and which contributes more towards its organization’s goal and presence. While working as a team and separating works on a task usually means more work gets done as a team spirit and bringing your team members into sync as keep your team connected.

Streamline your work Taskz

Choosing Task management software from a multitude of options and adopting into your team’s workflow is so not an easy feat, especially since the team’s success depends on so managing their work. Before delving into any operations and in the end it’s crucial to review your work updates and important points so you can’t keep in mind. Task management streamlines your process and makes it easy to keep your work process organized and manageable in one centralized and accessible location


Workflow Automation

Your support teams Workflows are predefined processes that automatically complete their common tasks and boost your team productivity. They can be made up of total robust automation rules, and third-party integrations that handle menial actions so your team can focus on bigger, more complex issues. So you can set an automation notification to your software team and support team to notify when an issue is assigned to them

Workflow of Taskz

Features of Taskz

Task Management
Bring impact on the productivity and ultimate growth to your business, pooling information into a central location, and helping your employees stay focus and notify an update ever more efficiently proceed
Performance review
Taskz management software will eliminate the need to remember all your tasks in the mind by storing all the processes and makes your employee more productive by sending timely reminders on the activity
Access Anywhere

It allows you to set multiple goals in short spans by creating maximize view in the dashboard and milestones and helps to keep track of deliverables and manage your deadlines with frequency and percentage

Dynamic Dashboard
Doing tasks and working and maintaining task on many things all at once can become chaotic. With Task Management you can analyze your tasks and get deeper insights that help to streamline your workflow
Live Notifications
We provide an ultimate process in every inch of a nudge to your employee with a reminder notification and create schedule points that go a long way in becoming more efficient and reaching your target
Task Data Analytics
Highlighting the major aids of moving your team into the digital workplace “Task Management” log in from anywhere anyplace of your team updates in a click. Which deliberately easy to preview in a click

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