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Lead Management System

An Efficient Digital Platform to improve your sales conversion rate


Capture leads from multiple marketing places and digital campaigns into our organized lead management system.


Distribute potential leads to sales team with customized & criteria basis Automatic lead distribution


Prioritize leads based on their interest, activity & track all the interaction happened on lead followups.

Drive Better sales Opportunities

 Your business can get multiple leads from marketing sources .The challenge is how to organize those leads. The process of lead management helps business to understand which source brings best deals to the business and allows to track, evaluate lead conversion. By qualifying your prospects correctly you can save time and close more deals. To stay competitive, it is essential to reach out your leads & Keep them to be interested. With smart followup in digital way, can hold your prospects effectively.

Our TreeOne Lead Management System helps to make your business as a outstanding choice. With Lead management, You never miss-out any potential leads. Advanced Lead distribution helps to reach your  lead quickly. TreeOne smart followup system helps to track your leads with task management. our 362 view dash dashboard shows complete journey from lead into customer

Features & Functions in
Lead Management System

Role Based Access

Hierarchical based access on data and customized for the roles such as management, sales Lead and Sales rep

Telephony Integration

Track and Record the conversation happened between sales team and leads which helps to improve sales team communication based on lead’s interest.

Mobile App

Available on Mobile App ,can access Centralized data can be accessed on anywhere on the GO

SMS and Email Integration

Send Scheduled basis SMS and Email to followup  your Prospects  & keep them Engaged with your Efficient Lead Nurture

Reports and Analytics

Analyse for Highest ROI campaigns, Lead status, calls, Sales team performance on single dashboard & Generate Report day / month wise

362 View Dashboard

Complete view of a customer journey start from Lead capturing till them converted to customer with the respective activities of sales team.

Mobile App

Access your Customer data anywhere at anytime. Track your Lead activities, team performance on the move. 

treeone-mobile-app-lead -management

Lead Management Process

Capture Lead Directly from integrated portals

During lead captures you have already targeted the ideal customer in marketing places. TreeOne Lead management software allows to integrate with third-party tools to capture leads & Ensures Zero Leakage of leads.

It captures leads from Multiple Marketing campaigns such as google ads, facebook ads, other social media campaigns, website lead forms, chats and landing page leads. It also captures the source, subsource and campaign name in detail.

Populate Leads automatically to your sales team

Once a lead enters into Lead management system, it automatically distributes leads within 3 seconds. This ensures that your sales team does not need to spend time to research and allot leads. The sooner lead allotment will help your sales team to reach leads as much earlier. With customized & criteria basis condition, leads can be allotted based on city, language and irrespective of absence of team members it will allot leads to the available person who can response quickly.


Automate Lead Process

After lead distribution, Lead Management system checks whether the lead is under process or not, if it is not processed for more than an hour that will be escalated to the hierarchy of the sales team.

Lead Nurturing

Not all the leads are prospects. Most of them needs continuous efforts on follow-ups. TreeOne Lead management system helps and reduce your sales team efforts with automated process. So that your sales team invest time to focus on prioritize leads based on their interest With CTI , SMS and Email Integration helps your team to do continuous followup towards prospects. Notification in lead management system reminds your sales team to followup the lead on their preferred time .

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TreeOne Lead Management System

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