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Innovative Ticketing system,
records every touch points
of your Client’s support


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TreeOne Tikketing

User friendly UI

Colorful design helps to focus on anticipating smooth and easy coordination, to bring better concepts and user experience to facilitate the users.

Auto Ticket Creations

We bring you perfect sequences to your step in all your manifold sources to create and raise an automatic ticketing experience.

Centralized Access

We facilitate every moves with support team experience, so no need to navigate away from the work & incoming requests are handled Easily


Creating new issues and submitting to a team is a service request should be easy. Your customer should be able to report issues through multiple points of contact and receive support via various channel which they prefer the most. These channels include via, email, or SMS the help desk itself, depending on what works best for your customer. Omni-channel support ultimately improves the support team experience while keeping your IT team organized.

Workflow Automation

Your support teams Workflows are predefined processes that automatically complete their common tasks and boost your team productivity. They can be made up of total robust automation rules, and third-party integrations that handle menial actions so your team can focus on bigger, more complex issues. So you can set an automation notification to your software team and support team to notify when an issue is assigned to them.

Web & Mobile

Web actions are so different when it comes to raising from multiple sources to the team. Mobile access is “No string attached” notation, with fancy mouse and keyboard works, single app support would be tied to the customer to engage their issue or problem. Rasing issue in mobile also a real-time Notifications alert your team to updates on their assigned tickets. Which support both IOS and Andriod.

Workflow of TreeOne Tikketing

Multiple ways to raise a Ticket

  • Resolving a raised ticket issue within your team can arise as Internal ticketing.
  • External Ticketing is meant as raised by your customer by their multiple sources.

Ticket transfer

  • Tickets can be transferred from one technician to another.
  • Tickets transfer to various stages hot, medium, cold to evaluate their issues.


  • The dashboard is an instrument for your business that can make your Ticketing metrics easier on a single snap.
  • Dashboard Metrics helps your teams to manage your customer demand and keep track of long-term support inquiries successfully.

Client’s satisfaction

  • Ticketing bring out every response time to customers tickets.
  • We provide betterment on the time it takes to resolve a ticket.

Features of TreeOne Tikketing

Live status  updation :

Big screen display of ticket categories and number of tickets counts with 15 seconds auto-refreshing Feature from the dashboard for admin control

362° View :

Sort, Search and find tickets department & date wise. Find priority issues for both internal and client tickets

Automated ticket creation :

Creation tickets from multiple tickets sources like SMS, Email, chatbox, Client portal and missed call.

Ticket prioritization :

Big screen display of ticket categories and number of tickets counts with 15 seconds auto-refreshing Feature from the dashboard for admin control

Status  Updation :

Timely Update of ticket status related to any issue in the dashboard with complete details like time and date of ticket creation

Ticket Reopening :

Option to customers to revoke the status of their tickets and enable to reopen a closed ticket for further actions.

Report& analytics :

Day wise performance of each agent and reports like ticket status, agent’s overall activity and recent activity, time spent on solving individual tickets

Daily Timesheet :

Reporting the time consumed for solving individual tickets and viewing the overall activity time for every ticket.

Customer feedback :

Enquiring customers about feedback of any product related service given and uploading it to the portal.


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