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 Dedicated CRM+ Application for

Automobile Sales Industry

Lead Conversion Platform for the Front Runners

in Two Wheelers & Four Wheelers

Automobile sales industries.

Treeone automobile crm for sales
Treeone automobile crm workflow

Features of Treeone Automobile Sales CRM

Treeone-stock-broker-crm-Automobile CRM for sales campaign management

Campaign Management

Campaign management delivers the capability to link marketing campaigns directly to Automobile CRM+ by automating the marketing efforts and then targeting ideal customers using multi-campaign.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales lead management

Lead Management

Capturing leads from multiple sources& campaigns. Automobile CRM+ track &qualify all activities of prospects. Auto scheduled follow-ups for appointments,Automatic Notifications, and Reminders.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales opportunity management

Opportunity Management

Automobile CRM+ Mapping an opportunity with customer will track potential customers.30 Sec Quotation from Opportunities and Products listed in the masters will be automatically added to the Quote.

Treeone automobile crm quotation_management

Quotation Management

Sales proposal & Quotation generation made easy with Treeone Automobile CRM+. Professional sales quotations can be generated from any opportunities,and can  export as PDF documents.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales quotation management

Proforma Invoice

Automobile CRM+ allows  Proforma invoice that is a bill of sale sent to customers in advance of a delivery o of goods to process the advance payment on the won Opportunity or Quotation with just one click.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales order management

Order Management

Creates Sales Order and updates Sales status with Automobile CRM+. Sales Order Management process ensures that all Order related activities are improved more efficiently & effectively that impacts the loyalty for the customers.

Treeone Automobile-CRM for sales crm cti integration

CTI Integration

By CTI Integration, all the data can be stored in a secured, centralized database and are accessible with a simple click. CTI system that can ceaselessly harmonize with TreeOne Automobile CRM+

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales email sms communication

SMS / E-Mail Notification

To seamlessly interact with customers,a business needs a reliable CRM with SMS/ E-Mail integration. By regulating communication with the customers through status notification & updates

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales contact management

Contact Management

Contact management enables users to easily store and access the customer’s information.The databases that provide a fully unified access to tracking of all information and communication activities relate to contacts.

Unbounded Relationship with the Customer

Your relationship with the customer won’t end with product delivery,

with TreeOne Automobile CRM we expedite Automobile service thus enhancing

customer experience.

Treeone automobile crm for sales
Treeone-CRM Automobile salecrm loantracking

Loan Tracking

View loan reports at any time, track loan as TreeOne Automobile CRM+ gains access in real-time. Accessible loan values, contact information,communication history and loan information will cut down the loan processing life cycle.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales insurance tracking

Insurance Tracking

TreeOne Automobile CRM+ has the ability to manage the insurance data, policy types,payment status, change in risk. Since all the information is kept in one database,reporting is now made easy.

Treeone Automobile CRM sales crm rto tracking

RTO Tracking

RTO Tracking in Automobile CRM+ ensures integration between the status activities and provides an automated costs calculation process that limits user level mistakes and manual work.

Treeone Automobile CRM for sales delivery tracking

Delivery Tracking

All delivery-related tasks can easily be organized through Automobile TreeOne CRM+. Activities can be created & assign the task to users, also sets up the workflow to specific tasks.

Treeone Automobile-CRM-for-sales 362 View

362° view

A complete view of customers by gathering of data through various interactions to the business. Maps their journey from entry to exit. Its extremely powerful in responding to the customer’s eager and trust.

Treeone Automobile-CRM for sales activity tracking

Activity Tracking

Automobile CRM+ allows the business to have a streamlined record of communications happened between the business and the customers, allows brief& complete information of the customers, right through from the lead to customer service.

Dynamic Dashboard

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Treeone CRM helps to manage sales, track leads and engage proactively with customers from anywhere. our Customer relationship made stronger even after product delivery.
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