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Why Business Needs CRM Software

When the business starts to expand, you need an assistance to manage the business that is CRM software, will maintain the customer records and database and helps the employee to cater the requirement of the customer. Even the small businesses are getting benefit on using the software because CRM is a platform for all start-ups. The growth of the business it depends on employee activities, using this software will manage their time and they can utilize with other task like providing report of their given information and satisfying customer services.

TreeOne CRM Software helps to

Quotation Management

TreeOne CRM software accelerates your business by crushing 30-seconds quote creation to your customer inbox and before it brings attention to your hierarchy approval and makes effective interaction with their customer.

Make Productive Communication between the Manager and User, Starts with the quote request ends with an approval quotes


API Integration

Integrate lead from multiple channels like landing page, social media, and email sources into CRM software. Later the “lead automatically distributes” to the salesperson and CRM ensures that you don’t miss out on any leads from conversion.

Automate Tasks by Eliminating manual entry of leads & Reduces sales Effort.

Analytics & Reports

TreeOne CRM provides you analytics and reports in a single click from leads to deal insights .

Visualize sales cycle updates from day to month wise everything in-depth analytics in CRM to enhance your business to bring up smarter decisions.


Incentive Tracking

Analyses the individual Sales Person’s Performance through Monthly & weekly Targets.

Our CRM software helps the Organization to discover the best Performing Employee and then honouring them with rewards.

Features of TreeOne CRM Software

Campaign Management
Capture Leads from Multiple Marketing Channels such as Channel Partners Campaign, Websites, Landing Pages, EMail, Live Chat and Social Media.
Lead Management

Manual and Automatic Lead assignment based on Branch, Location and Language. Using TreeOne CRM you can Identify qualified leads by Lead Score

Activity Tracking

TreeOne CRM helps to Track all the sales activity like customer interaction, Employee followups and Entire Lead Process for better the communication

CTI Integration
TreeOne CRM allows to call & record the communication happened between user and Customer to improve the Relationship and Retain them with Loyalty
Notification & Reminders
Internal and External Notification for Approvals, Followups and pre-planned activities which reminds to do all your sales process without delay.
Team Coordination

TreeOne CRM brings a facilitate communication with your customer as well as with your own sales team and gives real time sales updates and helps them to stay connected

Mobile App
Track your everyday progress, know your competency, manage and execute your tasks anywhere on the GO
362° View

With TreeOne CRM sofware You can get a Complete view of customers & their various Sales interactions to the business.

Contact Management

TreeOne CRM Manages all the customer’s information at one place & Establish the healthy relationship with customers

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard A Powerful dashboard to give you full control

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