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Benefits of TreeOne Real Estate CRM

treeone-benefits-of- real-estate-crm

Investing in a Real estate CRM software is a strategic decision for a business that wants to play a long-term relationship. It enhances the real estate developers to stay on top of buyers’ needs, to understand their changing trends and helps to manage their sales funnel into a pipeline, and also improves the transparency in communication within the sales team.

1.Manage Leads Efficiently:

In today’s reality, the prospects expect quick responses from business and the brands (An over 87% of customers expect everything in under an hour). But achieving these goals becomes difficult when all your leads are scattered across various platforms like real estate portals, social media, exhibitions, your website forms and more, with CRM software you can input and store all your customer details and leads in a single and secure location, which enables your salesperson to respond to prospects and customers with accurate information within CRM.

2. Maintain Accuracy in Information:

CRM software enables you to respond through mediums of communication that customers prefer like email and SMS. They can also store all the interaction and conversation details between your customers and the salesperson. This ensures your transparency of information that gets shared with your customers. CRM software also integrates the lead from social media and pushes into CRM and this makes passing information faster and easier to the salesperson. It also helps to reduce data duplication between departments, so they don’t have to fill the same details in different software over and over again.

3. Manage Campaigns:

There is a number of options customers have today, it’s difficult to make them buy immediately. As I mentioned before, trust is a huge factor for customers to make their choice and trust come when customers believe that salesperson has their best interests at heart. To add value to customers’ lives, real estate developers use CRM software to create campaigns to send out emails and messages to prospects and customers. These messages could help the prospect and customer to remind us and can able to share information on the latest offers and more. CRM software also enables the salesperson to identify which marketing campaigns prove effective and which don’t. As a result, the salesperson can do more works in closing deals.

4. Improve Follow-Ups:

Sending drip messages and running marketing campaigns is not enough to convince your customers to purchase from you. The salesperson must follow up in a periodic and timely manner to get your customers closer. CRM software lets the salespeople set reminders to follow up with prospects and store details of their communication. This makes follow-ups more efficient and effective, which in turn leads to an improved sales pipeline. Not only does, CRM enables your people to follow up better; it also helps the sales team to analyze the efforts and take necessary action to make improvements when needed.

5. Close More Deals Faster

72% of business for real estate developers and agents comes from word-of-mouth. In other words, referrals are the most effective source of lead nurturing for real estate developers because using CRM, it boosts the existing customer by providing multi-features in their products and services. Without having a single database to track leads, store and input information and ask customers for referrals the most real estate business fails to reach out to the most proven source to grow their business. CRM software doubles up as the perfect database for your business. They can not only store customer information but also track whether they’ve asked contacted or not, thus making positive steps to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle increase the line to the pipe.

You can manage only when you can measure. With an advanced Real estate CRM, you can maintain all your business processes in a single flash for more details contact our CRM specialist.


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