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3 Ways to Stay Organized in The Real Estate Business

3 Ways to Stay Organized in The Real Estate Business


It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of managing a real estate company, especially when you have an extensive portfolio. But what happens when you handle all manually without the right CRM?

You may find yourself losing business to competitors and never even know it. The key to success in this industry is keeping your clients happy with their experience from start to finish, which starts with making sure that they’re aware of all your services.

By adopting CRM in real estate companies, you can change the existing issues of losing leads to manual systems like spreadsheets. it’s a historical news and those days are gone where sales teams have to input every lead in paper or in an Excel sheet or sticky notes.

A right CRM may be the solution for the lots of day to day pain points in handling the daily activities without fail. No of ways a CRM can be more effective for a Real Estate in order to stick into the topic here we are going to see how can a CRM make your Business Stay Organized.

All Leads at One Place:

With a CRM you can easily capture property the leads from all your marketing campaigns, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Magic Bricks, Common Floor, 99 Acres, Website Leads, leads from Email, Landing Pages, WhatsApp & Much More…

All leads from campaigns, you can analyze those leads using CRM. 

Cut down your manual human hours of updating tons of leads manually. 

Won’t it sound good when your productive hours invest in reaching your potential leads from your marketing efforts where your money is invested to get those rather than updating those hard earned leads with the manual way.

Your golden time will be invested in reaching out to the leads and closing deals faster.

You’re spending too much time and money chasing the wrong leads. You’re losing deals because you can’t find any of your contacts in your CRM. Real Estate CRM solves this problem by integrating all your data from various sources into one place, making it easy to search for the right people with less effort. Now you’ll close more deals faster than ever before.

Sales Process Automation:

Your team spends weeks manually exporting and importing leads. You’re wasting time, money, and energy. CRM is a complete system that automatically pulls in all your contacts from different sources to one centralized database. This way you can adjust your marketing campaign costs more efficiently and profitably. The CRM will also help you track the activity of each call center agent daily so you know what they’re doing at any given moment.

When a Lead reaches a CRM with a Unique Lead Assignment feature it will automatically assign to the right salesperson based on the Product , language & availability of the tele caller.

Prioritize your leads as Hot , Cold and Warm Leads for better probability. And know your exact lead status.

When a Prospects book a site visit, Real Estate CRM Automates the site visit for Cab planning activities.

Without fail, Track your site visit follow ups using automatic reminders. Analyse the site visit counts with the relevant salesperson activity Report. CRM Software Collects Customer Feedback and Ratings about the site visit to improve the site visit process.

Detailed Reports & Analytics:

With an integrated CRM, you can better manage your customer relationships and activities. The solution gives you a 360-degree view of all customers and their interactions with your company – from lead to sale.

CRM  gives detailed reports of Leads, Opportunities, Sales Reports, No of Site Visits, Telecaller Performance, Campaign Performance Reports.

Analyse your leads, quotes,tasks, Project with Smart dashboard.Sales Team activity report along with the lead status.

CRM as a whole, all reports are designed to help your business to  sell more smarter, monitor the business progress and marketing efforts. Analyse Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing campaigns which helps to target the ideal customers.

A complete view of customers by gathering data through various interactions to the business.  Get accurate data on any property sold or rented in order to determine revenue and profits.


TreeOne Real Estate CRM software is a powerful tool for any real estate company. With features like lead management, property management, and team collaboration, it’s the perfect solution to manage your business.

Improve your sales team’s performance with CRM software. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get more leads and close more deals.

Real Estate CRM is a customer relationship management system for the real estate industry. Get started with a free trial today!

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