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TreeOne Channel Partner CRM

Boost up your sales ratio by knowing your partner's activity

A well performed activity tracking allows channel partner to have the centralized record occured between your business and the customers.


Do every channel partner aware of marketing campaigns running in their system?

Give your attention to the investments and the target you have achieved till date.

What does Treeone offer?

Treeone allows you to focus your sales productivity and close the deal effortlessly. Building an enthusiastic relationship with the customers, making you drive sales successfully. Strengthen your daily activities towards business needs to speed up business growth.


Know Your Business Fitness

Overview your entire business actions in a single click. Displays KPI, business strategies in real-time. Track lead volume, lead stages, and conversion rates


Get Your Desired Property

Buying any property in any outstation area is a click away through this property search. Never spend an entire day searching for your desired property. Ensure you use this easiest way.


Enhanced Campaign Tracking

Ensure the flow of campaign works and results from it is producing. Find the right marketing strategy, making it strong, and enjoy rising your potential leads. Reduce your lead time for campaign rollouts.


Strengthen Your Activity

Activity tracking allows you to know what stage your deals are in. Recognize your best customers by proper analysis based on recorded activities. Activity tracking allows you to perform a data audit.


Magnify Your Customer Support

Offer customized support that meets your client's needs. Making your customer feel they have looked after. A stimulating tool to read the customer's journey to our business. A platform that strengthens your customer support efficiently.


SMS/Email Integration

Get connected with the customers through SMS/Email communication channels with the help of proper notifications. Prove your customer that you provide superior service, letting them improving their loyalty to our product.


Know Customer's Keenness

Monitor your customer journey to your product from start to end. Find your customer's interest and actions taken as on date. Analyzing your customer better by influential search and attain massive conversions to sale.


Maximize Your Team Work

Improve your team collaboration by integrating the data from multiple departments. Promoting working relationships by cooperative teamwork and allowing you to enjoy the work experience further on enhancing the sales ratio.


Beneficial Lead Tracking System

Identify the lead status and segmenting it gives you a better focus on those leads that is potential. Optimize your sales strategy by identifying the best source that produces more leads. Good understanding of strategy that brings the best leads to your business.

Intensify your analytics in the sales process

Speed up your sales process by experiencing constant efficiencies in your work process. Figure out the performance of your organization in terms of sales, marketing, and supporting service.

Find the different traits of customers

Grouping the customers based on their traits and behavior builds your customer relationships rapidly.
Treating every client proper makes a difference in promoting the firm's development.


An eminent benchmarking upgrades revenue

A decent analysis allows you to Identify the business performance level with this technique which is crucial for the growth of any business industry.
Measure your business products, services against your competitors.
Find internal opportunities for better improvement.

Go ahead with the predictive analysis

Determine your customer's reaction in the future on decision making.
Analytics on past behavior makes your marketing strategy fit in the business world.
Letting a channel partner lead the competitor's world by incorporating the analytics tool.


Happy Client Testimonials

“Treeone has put us in complete control of our leads. It’s easy to track them, share information between teams and follow up in a timely manner. The sales team is also much more efficient, because they know exactly which leads to contact first.”
Aetrio Homes

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