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Real Estate Channel Partner CRM+

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Real Estate Channel Partner CRM helps to…

Identify Lead Owner

Identify the Lead Owner by providing direct login portal for channel partners.Leads are updated by channel partner themselfs and can view the whole sales process.

Channel Partner CRM Lead Identification
Channel-Partner CRM Revenue Contributors

Know Lead Status & Project Information

Channel Partner Can Track the Live Status of Leads. Real Estate CRM updates all the information like Project Availability, Offers, Project description Proactively for Channel Partner Knowledge.

Retain Revenue Contributors

Automated Process in  Channel Partner CRM+ as registration, Communication and Commission Drive Sales efficiently, Manage Channel Partners better and Retain them as long term Revenue Contributors.

Channel-Partner CRM Revenue Contributors

Channel Partner CRM Work Flow

Channel Partner crm flowchart

Features of Channel Partner CRM

Channel Partner CRM lead verifications

 Lead Validation

Channel Partner CRM  reduces the conflicts interms of lead identification. Channel Partners Register themself with Real Estate CRM and can update their own leads.


Activity tracking

Channel Partners can track the status of leads till the Sales process completion and knows all the activities happened between their leads with sales person.

Channel-Partner CRM ledger statement

Ledger Statement

CP CRM gives a realtime update of payment status in the web portal and provides automated generation of ledger statements to your channel partner.
Channel Partner CRM payment status

Payment Status & Details

Channel Partners Can view the updated details of Payment status of their Leads an can raise invoice for commission

Channel Partner CRM1 updates and automatic alerts

Updates & Automatic Alerts

Get live updates on Lead Status, Sales Rep Activities and Booking Process through Sms & Email Notification.


Performance and analytics

Detailed Dashboard of Leads status, Activities,  quotes,tasks, Project and complete process with single dashboard

Channel Partner CRM 362 view

362° View

Get 362º detailed view of customers by gathering of data through various interactions to the business. Its extremely powerful in responding to the customer’s eager and trust.

Channel Partner CRM mobile app

Mobile App

Mobile App and web portal Access Anywhere on the GO. So, Live Updation of Every activities and Process . know your competency & execute your tasks effectively

Channel-Partner CRM Lead Integration

Lead Integration

 Real Estate Channel Partner CRM allows to integrate the leads via SMS, Email and Webportal

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