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Lead Management

Lead management delivers the capability to link marketing campaigns directly to LMS Software by API Integration. Manages all your leads at on place. Prioratize your leads as Hot, Cold, Warm for better probability. Leadstone LMS will help you to improve your sales pipeline, reduce in the time taken for data entry and lead management.

Campaign Management

Know your TOP 5 Campaigns which gives better ROI. Campaign, Adset, Ads Analysis- Know which ADS are giving Best Results You can progressively collect a valuable data & reports of your business for the future predictions and next successful decisions leads to growth on your business

Activity Management

With Lead Management System, you can track your team’s daily activities and keep a tab on the salesperson's performance. You will also know what deals are progressing, who is working on which customer at what time, and if your teams engages with customers at the right time! Decrease time spent on following up with prospects, increase qualified leads and keep the sales process streamlined.

Target Management

Keep track of your sales calls and followups with Lead Management Software. Easily set monthly targets for reps/sales persons, track the process used to evaluate their performance based on sales & Pipelines, and find out your best performing employee. Now you can find your best employees easily, help you track the most promising leads and set monthly targets for your sales team.

Reports & Analytics

Managing leads was never this easy. Leadstone Lead Management Software provides you with analytics and reports in a single click from leads to deal insights. Visualize sales cycle updates from day to month wise everything in-depth analytics in the software to enhance your business. Receive real-time updates and actionable data for your business, without the need to update it automatically

"TreeOne CRM is specialized in Tracking customer interaction and activities. So we ever miss out a lead from different marketing campaign whether online or offline" - Goodwill Comtraders Pvt Ltd

Now Analyze, Optimize and Target Your Campaigns.
Discover Your Sales Success with a Lead Management System.

The perfect solution for your lead management needs. Our software has been designed to help you and your team maximize their potential by measuring sales performance, setting monthly targets and tracking activities with our easy-to-use system.

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