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Real Estate CRM : The Pros and Cons.

Real Estate CRM : The Pros and Cons.

Real Estate CRM: The Pros and Cons.

Real Estate CRM is an innovative and powerful tool that can help your business reach its potential. CRM software provides another opportunity to cultivate, streamline and track leads to grow your business.

When you implement the right real estate CRM software, you can reach your potential leads faster and prospects never run out. Not only do they have the capacity for managing real estate leads, but they also offer other valuable functions for a seamless business.

Built-in modules like Lead management, Site visit & Follow-ups Track, Sales Team Activity Track, Channel Partner Integration keep a strong focus on the customer with all of your efforts is difficult when you are juggling different aspects of your business.

The right Real Estate CRM will give you more control over your business and let you focus on the things that matter most, like customer satisfaction and sales.


Productivity in Sales:

  • Automates the repetitive, manual tasks so that the sales team or your channel partner can spend less time in data entry & more time on happy property selling.

Know Your Exact Sales Pipeline Status:

  • Maximize your sales team’s performance by analyzing past interactions, knowing the exact lead status like cold, warm or hot, and managing future follow-ups and interactions.

 Lead Management:

  • Effective Lead Management till they become your clients.  Integrate, manage, assign, Track &  convert into prospective customers. Map all the interactions & conversions and know the prospect revenue & improvement in lead conversion rates.

 Sales Target Management:

  • Know the status of sales targets being achieved by the Sales Person & the Sales Team 
  • Real Estate CRM can help you to improve and track the higher annual growth rate of your business and revenue increase per salesperson.

 Follow up Automation & Streamlines Sales process:

  • Never miss out on a prospective buyer, schedule sales follow-ups, site visits, etc. & set reminders for the same.
  • Save time by using one software for sales and follow-up activities.
  • Effective usage & data-driven decisions decrease sales & marketing costs.

 Data Management & Security:

  • Cloud Data storage of all your leads, customers, flats/shops, and sales at one place.
  • No data Lost when employees/agents exit from your Real Estate business.
  • Save time and effort in fetching lead, customer & property booking details in One Click.
  • Access on the Go with Mobile Application.

 Data Analysis:

  • Getting accurate & real-time analytics reports on Sales, Leads, Site Visits, Top Products / Services, Customers, and much more. Improve customer service with quick follow-up on their feedback and comments.


  • Investment time & efforts to analyze and adapt to use CRM in a daily routine.
  • Shortcomings in the current business  process after CRM implementation (transition from manual processes to CRM)
  • Ensuring a responsible Person for CRM adaptation avoids the hassles or else There could be a failure in adopting the Real Estate CRM if you have not designated a dedicated person. For it which ensures CRM is being used regularly
  • The expense of a Real Estate CRM could be a constraint.
  • Prepare to educate the employees on how to use Real Estate CRM and may take extra effort for them.


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