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Telecalling CRM Software – Support

A powerful tool helps your customer team to work Seamlessly & Ensure the customers satisfaction.

Benefits of Telecalling CRM Software – Support

Customer Management

Instantly access the complete profile of the Customer at a single click, including history of their interactions, detailed contact in formations. Provide the most customized a 362-degree view of a customer. Get a privileged advantage of data enrichment that automatically searches for missing information.


Contact center

TreeOne provides its users with comprehensive functionality for a contact center. With the help of Agent Home view, agents can easily access case queues, communicate with other agents and track their own performance. Supervisors have their own workspace that allows instantly getting a complete look on agents’ KPIs and manage their workload. Queue management feature helps users to prioritize, organize and assign cases, as well as to create dynamic or static queues.

Omni channel communications

Calls will be made directly from the system, without switching to another software solution – TreeOne Tele Marketing CRM+ integrates with any other cloud VoIP services. Write and manage & Schedule the emails, while having a complete detailed overlook to all the interactions with a customer. Get in touch with your Team & Associates and share any important updates related to the call.

Knowledge management

Allow your team to access all the necessary details quickly about the services with the help of organized knowledge base Management. Easily manage an existing base, Ticket history & solution provided by adding comments, rating or choosing the most popular articles.

Team collaboration

Easily communicate with any team within an organization using the Communication Tab. Plan your day, by preplanning activities scheduling calls & reminders to make your customer support as efficient as possible before. TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ allows integration all Third party communications and sync the activities for a seamless collaboration.

Features of Telecalling CRM Software – Sales

Progressive telephony integrations

The Key benefits of TreeOne Telecalling CRM software is that it allows you to integrate your system with any other available third-party telephony apps through which you likely get your inbound and outbound calls.
With the ability of this advanced telephony integrations, your business can increase its efficiency and maximize the outreach and customer support. You can integrate to your favorite Third Party Telephony with our TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ software


Outbound calls

With your preferred telephony provider integrated with TreeOne Telecalling CRM Software  you can make outbound calls at seamless ease. By Simply searching with the name of the contact and opens the contact record at a single click on the icon you can able to reach and your support executive in their login can see an option to place a direct call to the customer to support them via TreeOne Telecalling CRM+.

If it’s a Web Based Application, All you need is a headset with a mike; Or else your business has been using our Mobile Application then a Smartphone is enough to bridge your business with a seamless customer support. Now your Customer support team is all set right to place an outbound call to any customer whose data stored in the CRM system

Inbound calls

As same as Outbound Calls, you can receive the inbound calls through those integrated applications while working in TreeOne Telecalling CRM+. When a Incoming call comes in, you can will see a call notification appears on the screen, and all you need to do is just to click take the call. If the support staff is already on a call, the Software will recognize and asks if they wish to answer the call or to ignore it.

Dynamic Call routing

Both inbound and outbound calls the scenario is your customer support staff need to make a call to a specific customer, or that customer calls your support staff directly. However, when it’s a call center with number of support staffs it needs a internal mechanism in place to automatically receive or make the call and to route those calls to the particular customer support staff. If Your Customer Support Staff are may be on the another call or busy with other administration activities or call, The Customers won’t be waiting calls. Call routing features allows your business to configure and have a detailed analytics of how each incoming support call is handled by a Particular Support Staff. It helps knows which support staffs are already on the call and routes the incoming call to a support staff who is free at that moment. Even you can dig the Call routing Deeper by configuring the Staff depend upon the Location, Product or Language

Ticketing System

Every time a Customer calls the Call center for support, the system automatically creates a new help desk ticket for that Customer’s issue. Then, the CRM tracks all the touch points of support team has with that Customer, which gives you a compete reference for the future.This helps to maintain a deeper insight into the issues of each customer has faced in the past, providing valuable support which allows the experts to better the solutions new issues on the first attempt. Moreover TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ features streamlines and automates the process of moving the support tickets through the system towards a faster resolution. If your representative solves the issue on the first try itself, then they can simply mark the support ticket as closed and the system does the rest updating the status tracking the time needed to close it, etc. Then, you can run reports to gain insight into your team’s performance.

Tag-based calling

TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ allows you to add tags to each contact in your database.. For example, if a specific customer only speaks Spanish, you can add a language tag that specific customer, so that the particular call will be only routed to the specified support staff who speaks that language.
In at way your business can also use tags to mark the special customers who need that extra care. So that the representatives knows this when taking the call and can solve the issue more delicately. The options for using these tags to create segments of customers are endless and make the detailed segmentation & provides the valuable insights of your Customers.

Group Based Support

Followed by tag-based calling, TreeOne TelecallingCRM+’s purposeful allows your business to assign certain support representatives into a group based support upon their customer support service skills and experience. A business with highly experienced support representatives, can create a group and tag them to handle advanced customer support issues. so that if call is tagged with those group as having an advanced support skill level using the system, that particular customer support calls get routed to those tagged customer support representatives, which makes the capabilities of solving their issues on the first try itself, increases your businesses first response rate. And will allow your Support team to deliver high-quality customer support service every time.

Call recording

One of a Key Value for a Call Center Business is good to maintain complete transparency. TreeOne Teleaclling CRM+ has a unique feature which allows you to save all the recording of each & every inbound and outbound calls for the particular customer. Not only for a higher level of transparency which also allows the managers have a peaceful interactions with the team. It also allows the Support Staffs to refer the recordings for something they may have missed in the previous conversations.

Specified Call Notes

When the customer support staff is on the call solving the customer issue, during those calls the CRM allows them to take notes while they speaking with the customers. Notes taken while on those call will be automatically added to the interactions history of the particular customer who is called, allows the support staff to go back and refer the key points from the call happened.

362° Call Reports

A Smarter Reports on all Metrics has a detailed view of the Customers History. Keeps the track of the data and metrics around all inbound and outbound calls. Maintains a deeper view into calls by user, calls duration, reporting around call outcomes, and even more. Just like with all TreeOne Telecalling CRM+ reporting, you can also schedule these reports to be delivered to your manager’s or HOD’s email on a regular intervals

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