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8 Features of Treeone CRM


1. Contact management:

One of the basic features that every CRM has contact management helps your business to collect and organize the customer data efficiently. It tracks a lead’s journey as it progress through the sales pipeline and make it as first purchase and the customer relationship and communication. CRM software provides you a complete picture of your customer. Basically contact management in simply a database containing name, contact number and a note. Yet in recent years the CRM appreciates the business to enjoy the benefit of unifies the business process with their contact and captures wider business insights. An effective contact management in a CRM saves the contact and their interaction with the business, their preferences and service, support issues, which is made possible in a single unified window, This not only vital for a sales team also play a clear role in customer services.

2. Sales process management:

Sales process is one of the most important business activities, CRM automates sales and streamlines these processes and provides you various sales functionalities to standardize your sales process like customer follow-up, activities and reminders. Reduce the human error, makes sales cycle shorter and improve lead to customer conversation ratio. CRM makes the business to evaluate and gain visibility of a current sales team and guides them in sales management. Clear insights and road map at every step by monitor and keep track of the sales team to increase their performance.

3. Campaign management:

Campaign management plays an important role in business. In marketing the campaign is the very first step for all business and it helps to reach the potential customer with product and services. CRM easily captures and integrates leads from all of your marketing campaigns, detailed view of effective beyond the market. Define a routing to the marketing and sales team alignment across business effective insights and identifies which campaign is working and which delivers more results.

4. Lead management:

CRM software is a boon to a business. Managing the process by converting the prospects into potential customer and CRM software is a key to ensure that lead management process is running properly. CRM captures each and every lead from the marketing point of origin and integrates without any lead leakage from campaign source. After capturing these lead, they will be passed to the respective sales person a thrill part here, In CRM can assign a lead according to the location or product based. Here these leads which exceeds me response time, they will be notifies whether the salesperson having the lead or not. A complete lead management system in a basket, all the led upon their quality, the response, interest as new and unassigned, lost and invalid.

5. Quote and order management:

When a customer is interested in your product and service, the sales person creates a quote within “30 seconds” with all the details. If a customer agrees to buy it with the specified price then the order will be generated. Incase if not, the sales person either cancels the quote or revise it to meet customer requirement. CRM will automate and streamline the process for business and it improves order processing capability, sales visibility and relationship. CRM ensures your sales team can directly create the quotation, from the software within few clicks. Quotation can be directly sent to the clients’ inbox from CRM. Easy to use and a user interfaces and simplifies the work by generating the quotation and converting into sales order in one click.

6. Mobility:

“Thinking of Doing a business in your pocket” only with CRM mobile app, because almost every business needs to access their customer data outside the office spaces. We bring you the multiple features of CRM in single app and ensure that you can access the data from anytime to anywhere. Mobile CRM makes your business to manage the sales queries faster and quickly connects with your leads and prospects. Accessing the real-time data aids the sales team to engage and sell smarter, finding new business opportunities help them to hasten the faster sales decisions. Your sales team can directly contact the lead or send message from the mobile app, a salesperson can quickly search for a contact and then call that person directly from within the mobile app.

7. 362° Pipeline:

“Think of having a bird-eye view of your whole business process in one click” off course CRM software, provides you all in one complete view of your customer details, sales order, and activity in a single click. 362 Pipeline is an overview of your entire sales and customer activity. 362 View in CRM, a detailed insights of each and every interaction with the customer. Helps in tailoring marketing campaigns for the specific segmentation. Up-selling and Cross selling based on Customer buying habits.

8. Reports & Analytics:

Reports & analytics is one of the key features of CRM software. As a business owner do you know, which product gave you maximum number of leads in the last campaign and the profitable channel and the highly performed product till last year? With CRM software you can able to view all the business activities, customer insights, and top running campaign by day wise, month wise and year wise. CRM gathers and analyze all the customer data. Even helps the sales person to view their activities and reminders.

Investing on right CRM with various features can make big difference in your business.


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