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Why TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ ?


CRM software is an essential for all the small and large business, the TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ helps to build important relationships with customer and collects soft facts and uses them to improve customer experiences, and it automatically generate alerts to ensure that can never miss any business opportunity. There are also proactive and reactive engagement alert that are sent to the agents whenever the customer are experiencing difficulty using a web portal. Overall, this is software that gives stockbrokers an on-the-spot insight to their customer.

Data at one place:

First, know the customer information and set up-to-date contact details. It will collect all the customer data at one place. Using TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ will manage and organizes the data in specific compact sector and, additionally the data can easily updated by anyone, anywhere & anytime. CRM+ Helps to store all customers’ data like website, email id, contact number, and more, across various sources and channels. It may also automatically pull in those data from your website too when CRM+ integrated with your Website. The CRM tool organizes this information to give you a complete record of individuals and companies overall, so you can better understand your customer relationship with your business over a period of time.First, know the customer information and set up-to-date contact details.

Automatic Call Recording:

Just Imagine when you can reach your potential customer can be connected via single click from CRM+ from your desktop or mobile application. TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ can record the Outbound & Inbound calls towards the customer, takes real time notes on the call. All those recordings will be stored in a safe secured on your computer and in future it can helpful for you to sit back and review whenever needed. This feature enhances the business to improve their customer support & retention.

Employee Performance:

Every organization will have that popping question, employee Performance? If you really concerned about the every individual fits into the organizational structure and their performance, CRM+ can make this map visually. TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ presents the branch activity in a single window and pop the with assigned work of every branch with notification.

Target Analytics:

TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ made useful insights allows your business to make better right decisions at right time. Daily activity of a single employee can be monitored by the branch head and fixing them targets based on their performances. CRM+ sends activity mail on end of the day to the reporting authority so; they can track their team activities easily.

362° View:

Every Customer detail is significant for a business, why? It improves your business marketing efforts, predicts your potential opportunity and demands, helps the sales team to up sell & cross sell many more. It helps to have a crystal clear picture of who the client is?, where he is from?, what he have done before?, how to resolve his queries faster?. Make the business to understand the customer purchase history and can tailor them a special discount then can make them account for your business.

Campaign analytics:

TreeOne Stock Brokers CRM+ analyzes and Find out the Best Return on investment (ROI) for each and every campaign that the business runs. A detailed reports of every campaign help to get a view of every campaign that the business runs & make the to Target the Profitable campaign & kill the rest. Daily performance report for individual campaigns and can also check the active and inactive campaigns. It will also monitor the campaign activity and helps to identify the best performing campaign.

Detailed dashboard:

Dashboard shows all the KPI (key performance indicator) details and all the leads in each stage from Lead, opportunity, KYC, EKYC and the pending document client code activations, client code retentions and so on.  CRM+ also tracks the employee activities like complete and incomplete planned or even pre-planned activities for futuristic.

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